Do you need a break, but don’t like parking your kids in front of a screen?

You’ve read the books and done the workshops in spiritual growth and personal development, and you’re keen to share what you’ve learned with your children. You want to surround them with what nurtures them emotionally and spiritually.

But creating all that on your own is hard. You often feel like you are swimming against the mainstream tide. And there are times when you also need a break from parenting! You know that you can only give them your best when you have also nurtured yourself.

But leaving your children with the TV, the gaming console or the internet? You know that stories are like food for children, and you don’t want your children absorbing junk stories any more than you’d want them eating junk food.

The Palace of Stories contains over one hundred inspiring audio stories in MP3 format, for children aged three to eleven. Choose from the following:

Dear Leo,
Tonia Schemmel loves stories for kids from Palace of StoriesI LOVE these stories! My kids do too. What really moves me is the authentic soulfulness with which you tell them.We love your music, your voices, your tenderness, your messages. These stories capture what I long to cultivate in my children – authentic belief in their inherent value, compassion for others, belief in wonder and magic, passionately imagining and going towards all that is possible.
Thank you for sharing yourself and your truth.
Love, Tonia

Tonia Schemmel
Friday Harbor
Washington USA

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