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Back in the early 90s I read over two thousand folk tales to find good stories to tell in schools. I found about fifty stories that had a strong plot and a satisfying meaning and told them so often that I could have told some of them backwards.

I have always loved the way that music enhances storytelling, and so I then took my favourite folk tales and recorded them with a musical soundtrack, created using computer software.

When I started telling intuitive stories I took three of my favourites and gave them the same treatment, this time with my wife Sundara creating the music.

When my kids where young and listening to my stories all the time, I found that these stories were all especial favourites and were listened to much more frequently than most others. I put that down to the music bringing the story more vividly to life for them. You can find all these in the “Stories with a Musical Soundtrack” section.

Before I started telling stories to my own children I would visit a local school and tell intuitive stories there. The best of those are on this site too.

But the bulk of the stories here are ones that I told to my children at bedtime when they were young. Most were re-recorded in my recording studio, although in some cases the original recordings were so cute (with the children making funny comments in the background, or the atmosphere being so intimate and unrepeatable) that I included them as they were.

I’m still working my way through those old recordings, retelling them with simple musical accompaniment, although Sundara and I are hoping to add songs to some of them. I’ll be adding them one by one to Palace of Stories over the coming years and giving them away for free to my mailing list (another reason to sign up!).

Find out more about Leo, or read about how to access the stories on this site.

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