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A Christmas Story

A bus driver mysteriously finds that no-one is waiting at any of the stops on his normally busy route, until a strange young man gets on and all is revealed…
Length: 05:50
For ages: 5+

A Message for Kingly Eyes

A messenger arrives half dead at the King’s palace bearing an important message that he has travelled across the kingdom to deliver. But it can only be read by kingly eyes. When the guard finds that he cannot read it, he is faced with a dilemma: should he show it to the King or not? What if the King cannot read it either?
Length: 13:36
For ages 5+

A Snotty Story

A boy with a heavy cold goes to bed to recover. But when he sneezes all over the pages of his story book, the characters complain! A story all about covering your mouth and wiping your nose!
Length: 05:53
For ages 3+

A Strong Man

A strong blacksmith comes to the aid of a little girl when she needs protecting from the boys in the street. But can he protect her from the harsh words she speaks to herself inside her head?
Length: 06:17
For ages: 7+

A Wintry Tale

Three interwoven tales… A man is given shelter on a freezing winter’s night by a group of strangers… A King with a terrible affliction seeks the help of a carpenter who makes magical chairs… A potter is astonished to find one of her pots speaking to her…
Length: 39:28
For ages: 7+

Above the Sea

A fish who has never imagined what might lie above the sea, one day sees the hull of a boat cutting through the waves, and simply has to know what it is. And after that, there’s no turning back…
Length: 12:55
For ages: 5+

Ash Lad

A Norwegian Fairy Tale. Once there was a woodcutter who had three sons, and when they were grown he said to them that he was done with woodcutting, and it was up to them to go out and chop the wood to keep them all going. But the first two sons took fright and ran away from the troll who lived in the forest. Only the third son, Ash Lad, manages to get the better of the troll and secure the family’s prosperity.
Length: 23:32
For ages: 7+

Asking For Help

The captain of a ship that was about to be wrecked in a storm, sees a huge whale rising up out of the ocean beneath him, and is gripped by a desperate impulse…
Length: 06:54
For ages 3+

Bags of Nothing!

Three interwoven tales… The boy, overwhelmed with loneliness, finds support in a kindly teacher…. The Princess, desperate to the point of distraction to be liked and accepted, finds solace in the arms of the palace cook… The King, secretly lonely and longing for real friendship, finds the key to his dreams in a most unlikely place…
Length: 36:54
For ages: 7+

Betty’s Fish

One day Betty’s fish said “I’m bored of this fish tank! All I see are the same things day after day after day”. Betty’s solution to the fish’s boredom leads from one thing to another to an outcome she never could have dreamed of.
Length: 12:47
For ages 3+

Flutter, Flutter, Butterfly

The story of a caterpiller’s dream of becoming a butterfly. Surely, something so ugly, fat and stumpy could never become such a beautiful and elegant creature? But her dream is so strong that it becomes her reality…
Length: 12:04
For ages 5+

Full of Stories

A young boy meets an old man one day and learns something from him that alters the course of his life, and comes in particularly useful when he himself is an old man.
Length: 7:59
For ages 5+

Good of Heart

Every day the Queen would slip away from her official duties to attend to a secret labour: making notes in a little book of who amongst her subjects is “good of heart”. One day, when the Queen is expelled from her palace and must wander her former realm as a vagabond, this notebook comes in very useful…
Length: 41:15
For ages 7+

Grandmother’s Jumper

A grandmother knitted a lovely jumper but couldn’t decide which of her many grandchildren it could be for. “Maybe it’s for the grandchild I love the best” she wonders. But as she soon discovers, love has no favourites…
Length: 04:18
For ages: 3+

How Not To Spend The King’s Gold

A King sets an old farmer a test: he must make the journey from his impoverished farm to the royal palace without spending any of the King’s gold coins. It takes the farmer many attempts before he succeeds, but in the end he is rewarded beyond his wildest dreams!
Length: 22.39
For ages: 5+

Jim and the Colourful Coat

Jim was a very sensible man, the sort of man who didn’t take many risks. But one day he spots an outrageously colourful coat in a shop and cannot help but buy it and put it on. Unfortunately, that’s the day that the King is out looking to find a new Jester…
Length: 29:18
For ages 5+

Joe, The Singing Pretzel-Seller

One day Joe, who has sold pretzels on the same street corner for as long as anyone can remember, finds that his oven isn’t working. But the idea of having nothing to give his regular customers is so unappealing that Joe goes out and stands there nonetheless. Only when the first of his regulars asks him for a pretzel does the unexpected happen…
Length: 07:12
For ages: 3+

Letters from God

A postman, saddened that he never has anything to give the boy who every day asks him if he has any letters for him, decides to write the boy a letter. But from whom should he say it has come?
Length: 13:48
For ages: 3+

Magic Donkey Grain

The donkey was so old that he wasn’t much good for working anymore. His knees knocked and he wheezed when he walked. But one day his master loaded him up with heavy sacks and told him to carry them to his friend at the top of the mountain. How is the donkey to manage such a journey? Only with a lot of “help” from some creatures he meets along the way…
Length: 13:16
For ages: 7+

Mr and Mrs Star

A boy builds a ladder one day in the hope of conversing with the stars. Soon Mr and Mrs Star have dropped down from the sky and are happily telling him stories!
For ages: 3+

My Dream or Yours?

A woodcarver makes an exquisite doll which comes to life and declares herself to be a Princess from another world who has been rudely pulled into the woodcarver’s dream. But how to get her back? And what if she is the one dreaming him?
Length: 32:40
For ages: 5+

Och, King of the Forest

A Russian Fairy Tale. Once there was a old couple whose son was so lazy that he would not work. So the old man took the boy deep into the forest to find someone who could make a man out of his lazy son. There he meets Och, King of the Forest….
Length: 28:26
For ages: 5+

Old Man’s Legs

An old man goes to a wizard begging to have his old man’s legs changed into young man’s legs. And although the wizard warns him that he won’t like the results, he pesters him until he relents. But before long, the old man is back, complaining of all the trouble his young man’s legs are causing him…
Length: 05:25
For ages: 3+


A German Fairy tale. Once there was a woman who was pregnant and was so desperate for some of the herbs growing in her neighbour’s garden (some juicy rapunzel) that she begged her husband to go and steal it. But the neighbour was a witch and made a cruel bargain with the man. Once the baby was born, the witch came and took her away…
Length: 13:38
For ages: 7+

Shark Tales

Once there was a ship that sank at sea leaving all aboard floating on a raft: the captain, the first mate and a young boy. When a shark appeared in the water beneath them, it seemed like all was lost. And then the boy did something extraordinary that saved all their lives…
Length: 11:53
For ages: 3+

Surrounded by Kin

An old woman lives all by herself and is full of loneliness. None of her children or her grandchildren come to visit her any more, and in desperation she goes to a witch who is famous for potions that can change anything. But can she change the old woman’s loneliness?
Length: 15:06
For ages 5+

Sweeter than Honey

A boy loved eating pancakes with sugar, pancakes with jam, pancakes with honey, and even with chocolate spread. But his mother had once told him that love was the sweetest thing of all, so he set off to find some love to spread on his pancake…
Length: 05:06
For ages: 3+

The Alluring Blue Flower

One day a princess found a rare blue flower so alluring that she followed it all the way to an ogre’s cave. But the ogre was not all that he seemed to be, and what happened when they met changed both of their lives.
Length: 30:35
For ages: 7+

The Bare-Knuckle Boxer

Alone in a rough part of town, the young man was overcome with an almost unbearable thirst. Pushing his way into a low down tavern he finds himself by the ringside of a wild bare knuckle boxing match, only to realise that the jug of water that he has just drained belonged to one of the boxers…
Length: 28:18
For ages: 7+

The Beast’s Best Day

The Beast, who was always demanding things to eat and drink and saying “Yuk!” and “Disgusting!” in return, learns to say please and thank you, and has the best day he’s ever had!
Length: 07:52
For ages: 3+

The Best Banana

A monkey goes looking for a banana that will make his toes tingle and his fingers dance, his heart throb and his ears waggle…and finds it in a most unexpected way!
Length: 05:23
For ages: 3+

The Best Trick of All

A boy loved playing practical jokes on people. In fact he loved this so much that he decided he needed to up his game and get even better at it. So he goes to visit a witch to ask her for a magic spell that would make his tricks even more fun. The witch fulfills his wish, but not in the way he was expecting!
Length: 08:27
For ages: 3+

The Blessing Witch

Once there was a witch who lived in the forest. Every morning she would wake up and try to find someone or something to bless. In order to find new people and ways to bless, one day she transforms herself into a mushroom growing alongside the forest path. But it’s actually her idea of how to bless that gets transformed by the person who comes along the path…
Length: 25:58
For ages 5+

The Blessings of the Earth

The delivery man had thought that he had finished for the day. But just as he was clearing out his van, he found a tiny little parcel that needing delivering. He was so tired, however, that he just couldn’t face another journey across town. Hoping no-one would see him, he tossed the little parcel into a garden and hoped to forget about it…
Length: 13:48
For ages 5+

The Boy Turned Into a Toad

One day a witch turns a little boy into a slimy, black toad. He escapes from the dangers of the forest and returns to his home where his Mum and Dad don’t know what to do! Yet the love they have for their son inspires the most unexpected learning for everyone…
Length: 34:46
For ages: 7+

The Boy Who Knew He Was A King

Once upon a time there was a rabbit who had amazing dreams down in her burrow under the earth. But when she tried to share her dreams with her friends, none of them even knew what a dream was! Only the little girl who lived in the farmhouse understood…
Length: 12:51
For ages: 3+

The Doof

A sailor boy was so foolish that whatever the captain told him to do, he’d do the opposite. However, one day, by simply doing his foolish things, he manages to rescue the whole ship from certain danger…
Length: 09:43
For ages: 5+

The Dragon’s Fire

Once a little girl asked a dragon to help her and her mother heat their little home, where the fire had gone out and they hadn’t any more wood. He comes and blows fire into her stove, but by the morning her stove is cold again, and the dragon starts longing for a way of helping her that’s more long-lasting…
Length: 14:23
For ages: 5+

The Dreaming Rabbit

Once upon a time there was a rabbit who had amazing dreams down in her burrow under the earth. But when she tried to share her dreams with her friends, none of them even knew what a dream was! Only the little girl who lived in the farmhouse understood…
Length: 14:19
For ages: 3+

The Firebird

A Russian Fairy Tale. Once a huntsman was riding through a forest when he saw a golden feather shining on the forest floor. But as he reached down to pick it up, his horse cried out “Master, do not pick up that feather! For if you do, there will be real trouble!” Ignoring his horse’s entreaties, the huntsman reached down and picked up the feather, at which point the trouble started…
Length: 26:37
For ages: 7+

The Frog Boy

One day a little girl found a little green frog in a well in the forest. “Take me home with you!” said the frog. “I’m really a boy under a spell!” But freeing the boy from his froggy spell takes a lot more than she had bargained for…
Length: 25:41
For ages: 7+

The Frog Princess

A Russian Fairy Tale.
Once upon a time there was a King who had three sons, and when they had grown to manhood the King gave each of them a golden arrow and told them to go to the topmost tower of his palace and shoot the arrows as far as they could, and wherever the arrows landed, there they should seek their bride.
The arrows of the first two sons landed in the gardens of a princess and a duke’s daughter, but the third son’s arrow landed in a swamp, and a frog picked it up…
Length: 52:10
For ages: 7+

The Frog’s First Story

Once there was a frog whose only concern was food, which was usually passing flies. Just imagine: he had never even heard a single story in his life! One day a charming sprite visits him and opens up his world…
Length: 31:30
For ages: 5+

The Giant Who Had No Heart In His Body

A Norwegian Fairy Tale. Once there was a King who had seven sons, the youngest of which was called “Boots” and who was the King’s favourite. But one day the six older brothers rode out into the world and were turned into stone pillars by a Giant who had no heart in his body. Even though it broke the King’s heart to see him go, Boots rode out to rescue his brothers…
Length: 34:34
For ages: 7+

The Girl and the Flying Horse

“I have to ride you!” said the girl to the horse. “Mistress, you may ride me if you wish,” replied the horse, “but when you get off my back, you will no longer be a girl, you will have become a woman! Are you sure you still want to ride me?”
Length: 07:02
For ages: 7+

The Girl From the Forest

Once upon a time there was a boy who was so desperate for a sister that he would go into the forest every day and look for a one. His mummy keep telling him that girls don’t grow on trees and that he should give up his search. But then one day, while out in the forest, he discovered a little girl made of twigs and straw and earth…
Length: 21:34
For ages: 5+

The Girl Made of Wood

“I’ve lost my Daddy!” said the little girl that the sculptor had just made out of wood. “Well, what does he look like?” replies the sculptor, “maybe I can help you find him”…
Length: 08:25
For ages: 5+

The Glasses-Maker and the Giant

A glasses-maker is stumped one day when a miserable looking man comes into his shop and asks him to make him a pair of glasses that “let me see the beauty in the world, because all I can see is the world’s ugliness!” The glasses-maker’s struggle to help the man lead him to a marvelous discovery…
Length: 22:27
For ages: 5+

The Grumpy Princess

Once upon a time there was a princess who lived in a lovely castle, yet for all the fine things in her life, she was not happy. In fact, she was downright grumpy, always complaining about the tiniest details that were not exactly as she wanted them to be. At his wits end, the King came up with a radical plan… that went unexpectedly wrong!!
Length: 26:14
For ages: 7+

The Handkerchief That Cured All Sorrows

Three interwoven tales… A man, compulsively digging through his pockets, is approached by a kindly old woman with a story to tell… A king, in dismay over his ailing wife, meets a most unlikely messenger of healing… A peddler, carrying an empty rucksack, comes across an odd old man in possession of a very peculiar handkerchief…
Length: 36:22
For ages: 7+

The Ironmonger’s Task

Three interwoven tales… Searching for a new home, a family with twelve children comes across a mysterious light hovering in the sky in front of them… A king and queen who took great pride in helping the people of their kingdom, are stumped by the peculiar problem of one young man… A brawny craftsman who fashioned iron for the people of his village, receives a perplexing request from a mysterious old gentleman…
Length: 41:46
For ages: 7+

The King’s Lost Brother

A fisherman finds an old man in rags living in the mountains who says he is the lost brother of the King. When he is invited back to the palace, his table manners prove to be rather less than regal…
Length: 08:34
For ages: 3+

The Laughing Cat

Once there was a cat who was always laughing! Whatever she saw, whoever she was with, she would laugh and laugh, and no-one knew why. But one day a little girl asked her why and found that the cat had quite a story to tell…
Length: 48:19
For ages: 5+

The Little Girl Who Drove a Big Train

“Oh please let me drive the train, please, please, please!” said the little girl. But the train driver insisted that she wasn’t strong enough to grasp the big handles and steer the train. But she wouldn’t give in, until in exasperation the train driver let her try for just a moment, if only to see how heavy the big handles were, and how she couldn’t possibly drive such a heavy train. But as soon as she touched the handles, the train gave a lurch, and then lifted up into the air…
Length: 09:14
For ages: 3+

The Magic Tin

There was a man going to market and he’s only got one tin to sell, a small, rusty, empty tin and that’s all. And his friends are saying, “is that all you’re taking to market?” and he says, “If I can sell this tin then I’ll be a rich man, because this tin is magic…”
Length: 22:06
For ages: 5+

The Most Precious Thing in the World

Three interwoven tales… A racing driver finds himself so far ahead of the pack that he slows down… to find that the racetrack has become mysteriously deserted… A wealthy man comes upon a town where, much to his consternation, nobody has heard of money… A King, sick of his riches, sets out in search of something which money cannot buy.
Length: 44:45
For ages: 7+

The Mouse’s Tale

Once a mouse in the royal palace kitchen saw a magnificent cake, bound for a great feast in the palace’s banqueting hall. It looked so incredibly delicious that even though she knew it might cost her her life, she crept out of hiding and across the kitchen floor towards it…
Length: 39:18
For ages: 7+

The Old Inventor

Once there was an old inventor who woke up one morning with an aching feeling of loneliness. As with any other problem, he went down to his workshop to try and create a machine to fix it. But that’s where his troubles began…
Length: 22:30
For ages: 5+

The Perfect Princess

Once upon a time there was a princess whom everyone said was “perfect” in every way. So much so that as she grew older she became more and more anxious about doing anything less than perfectly. As she reached womanhood, things only got worse: so many princes wanted her hand, but which one to choose?
Length: 23:53
For ages: 5+

The Pictures That Came to Life

A girl is astonished when the pictures that she is drawing come to life! The mouse amazes her, the elephant astonishes her, but when she draws a palace she finds her kitchen transformed into the palace kitchen with cooks rushing this way and that. “Get working!” yells one as she hands her a broom!…

Length: 07:48
For ages 3+

The Rainmaking Monkey

Three interwoven tales: A young girl and her father, on a walk through the forest, meet up with a unexpected creature… A drought overtakes the jungle and the animals “discuss” what is to be done… There once was a queen bee who kept all the nectar to herself and shared it with no one…
Length: 35:24
For ages: 7+

The Sheriff and the Witch

Once there was a witch who got up to no end of mischief in her town, causing people all kinds of unhappiness. one day, a clever sheriff decides to show her that there are more satisfying things she could be doing with her magic.
Length: 16:47
For ages: 5+

The Sons Who Would Not Work

An old man and woman toiled away at their farm, struggling to feed themselves and their two grown sons. But no matter how hard they persuaded the boys to work, nothing could shift them from their beds. One day the mother decides to take matters into her own hands, with unexpected results…
Length: 25:18
For ages: 7+

The Tale of the Gabook

Three interwoven tales: On a late night walk, a grandfather tells his grandson the tale of a mysterious creature called “The Gabook”… A young farmer, on his way home from work, comes across a most peculiar bird… A queen, most admired by the people of her land, finds herself overcome with an insatiable desire to fly…
Length: 42:02
For ages: 7+

The Thief of Bath

A retelling of an English Folk Tale. Once two thieves, a man and a woman, met and got married and had a child. But the child had a mysterious affliction which no-one could cure. After travelling to see the finest doctors in Europe they returned to find that the reason for their troubles lay closer to home that they could ever have guessed.
Length: 27:28
For ages: 5+

The Three Apprentices

A German Fairy Tale. Once there was a tailor who had worked hard all his life. He sent his three sons out into the world to learn a trade in the hope that they could come home and keep him in his old age. Each son receives a magical gift, but bringing it back to their father intact is easier said than done!
Length: 27:00
For ages: 7+

The True Bride

A German Fairy Tale. Once there was a girl whose stepmother hated her and set her the most impossilbe tasks. But the girl is helped by a fairy godmother who sets her on the path to happiness and fulfillment.
Length: 17:58
For ages: 5+

The Unerring Archer

Once there was an archer who was so skilled that he became the most celebrated man in the King’s service. But his lofty position soon attracted the ire of more lowly soldiers who plotted his downfall, with most unexpected results…
Length: 29:11
For ages: 7+

The Wheels That were Blessed

A wheelwright, commisioned to make four fine wheels for the King’s new carriage, is visited late one night by a soldier from the King’s army, saying that he has been sent to take the wheels away and test them. He never returns, and the wheelwright is taken in chains to the King to explain himself…
Length: 10:09
For ages: 3+

The Witch’s Brew

Once there was a witch who spent her days gathering healing herbs and flowers in the forest. One day, however, she discovers something that threatens not just her own livelihood, but the life of the whole forest. And so she cooks up an extraordinary potion…
Length: 29:44
For ages 5+

To Command The Clouds

A King was used to getting his own way in just about everything. So when one day a cloud has the temerity to rain on him when not commanded to, the King becomes incensed and sends out the word that anyone who can enable him to bend the clouds to his will shall win half the Kingdom as their reward. Soon all the scientists, inventors, crackpots and nutcases are hatching crazy plans for the King’s pleasure, but none of them are the slightest bit successful. And it is then that a young woman suggests to the King an altogether different, and far more successful approach.
Length: 16:06
For ages: 5+

Waiting for Angels

A man sees a boy standing on his own on a street corner, “Waiting for my angel” as he says. “Your angel?!” says the man. “Yes” says the boy, “Oh! Look! Here she comes now!”
Length: 04:40
For ages: 3+

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