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I’m sure you want your child to know that they are loved. You love them, Granny loves them, and uncle Harry loves them, and… you try and surround them with a circle of loving adults because you know how important this is for them.

But you also know that your children are loved by a deeper presence, that you have tapped into yourself at special times. A presence of divine, unconditional love that witnesses us and loves us and is with us at all times.

It would be wonderful if your child could also grow up knowing this. But how do you pass on such a message?

In this free story for kids, The Sun takes the role of that divine, unconditional love that we all have inside. The Sun wakes up one morning and is filled with a huge, almost unbearable love for the children of the Earth. But how can she get that love across?

Her various attempts at doing so will engage your children’s curiosity and have them hoping the sun’s message gets through. There’s something in this story for you: I’m sure you’ll be heartened to hear how she succeeds in the end!

I just completed nursing school and work in the emergency department in Montana, USA. Many nights, when I was too tired to tell an original story, you, Leo, saved the bedtime! In fact, I was so inspired by “The Sun’s Message” last night, that I got up and squeezed all three kids again, in the dark…

Joey Traywick

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