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I have been on a path of self discovery since I was a teenager. I was attracted to stories because of the way they map out the inner life. I studied mythology extensively and then found out that I had a talent for storytelling. Beginning in 1989, at the age of 21, I began telling stories in schools all over the south of England. In seven years I gave over two thousand performances in three hundred schools.

But then, after years of intense inner work, I had a profound creative breakthrough: stories started welling up inside me with a life of their own! A flow of images, a stream of words, and I would simply tell what was coming to me. Although I never knew what was coming next, by the time I had finished I had told a coherent and well structured story!

But surprising as this was, what was most moving was that each story carried a clear and inspiring teaching. It were as if my soul were speaking to me in story form, opening my heart and mind to love and wisdom. I had a sense that something far larger than my conscious mind was offering me a precious gift and inviting me to share it with the world. I am still deeply grateful for this gift and totally dedicated to this calling.

I have told thousands of these “intuitive stories” in the last 20 years. My kids have heard hundreds at their bedside and in my recording studio, and I have told them in schools and other venues for children. I also perform for adults and teach intuitive storytelling workshops internationally.

These stories convey to children the wisdom that has been available in our spiritual traditions for thousands of years, and that now is emerging all over the planet, in a multitude of new forms. Never before has so much wisdom been available to humanity. But how to pass it on to the children?

Palace of Stories is truly a “family business”. My wife Sundara created the illustrations for this website and my children Luke and Lara have been the audience for most of the stories here. Here we are:

Luke, Sundara, Leo and Lara

Luke, Sundara, Leo and Lara

Want to know more about us? We live near Stroud in Gloucestershire, England, where my kids go to a Steiner (Waldorf) school. Both Sundara and I meditate for an hour each morning, taking it in turns to get the kids ready for school (she does that) and drive them there (that’s my job). We both play the accordion, sharing a love of Portuguese accordion duets.

I love hearing from listeners, so do contact me with any feedback about what you’ve read here, or anything else on this site, including the stories here that you and your children have listened to.

Hear Leo talking about his storytelling journey

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Becoming A Storyteller (8:58)
Part 1: Becoming a Storyteller

“Storytelling Is All About Relationship” (5:24)
Part 2: Storytelling is all about relationship

Discovering Intuitive Storytelling (6.58)
Part 3: Discovering Intuitive Storytelling

How Palace of Stories Was Created (11.18)
Part 4: How Palace of Stories was created

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Leo Sofer with his daughter Lara

Leo Sofer with his daughter Lara

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