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Even as a teenager I could see that something important was missing. I was waking up to an ocean of wonder and depth within myself, and yet noticing that the culture around me had different priorities. Where were the stories celebrating the limitless potential I was glimpsing inside?

After some searching I discovered mythology, and found that human beings weren’t as strange as I had thought. We had always had stories about the inner life, and those stories had often been central to the cultures that had come before us. What was strange was the way the modern world had turned its back on all that.

I spent several years studying European folktales and became a storyteller. I wanted to learn in-depth the ways we used to enchant one another with stories. I gave over two thousand storytelling performances in hundreds of schools throughout England. But then, something really unexpected happened…

The stories started coming by themselves! As I saw vivid scenes progressing in my mind’s eye, and heard verbal cues from my inner voice, new stories that were both magical and surprising would come tumbling out of me! Although I never knew what was coming next, I was amazed to find that the stories were well structured and had a beautiful and uplifting teaching.

Telling these stories is like standing at the edge of a mysterious ocean of wonder and depth and great beauty. I throw open my arms and wait, and the stories that come are utterly unknown to me. My job is only to find the words for what I’m receiving.

I have told thousands of these “intuitive stories” in the last 20 years. My kids have heard hundreds at their bedside and in my recording studio, and I have told them in schools and other venues for children. I also perform for adults and teach intuitive storytelling workshops internationally.

These stories convey to children the wisdom that has been available in our spiritual traditions for thousands of years, and that now is emerging all over the planet, in a multitude of new forms. Never before has so much wisdom been available to humanity. But how to pass it on to the children?

Palace of Stories is truly a “family business”. My wife Sundara created the illustrations for this website and my children Luke and Lara have been the audience for most of the stories here. Here we are:

Luke, Sundara, Leo and Lara

Luke, Sundara and Lara listening to Leo tell a story, at home in 2012

Want to know more about us? We live in Buckfastleigh in Devon, England. Sundara and I met at a musical event where we were both playing our accordions. Within a few seconds of meeting we had discovered that we both shared an unusual passion for a particular album of a little-known Portuguese band! To this day, we still play accordion duets of songs from that album.

I love hearing from listeners, so do contact me with any feedback about what you’ve read here, or anything else on this site, including the stories here that you and your children have listened to.

Hear Leo talking about his storytelling journey

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Becoming A Storyteller (8:58)
Part 1: Becoming a Storyteller

“Storytelling Is All About Relationship” (5:24)
Part 2: Storytelling is all about relationship

Discovering Intuitive Storytelling (6.58)
Part 3: Discovering Intuitive Storytelling

How Palace of Stories Was Created (11.18)
Part 4: How Palace of Stories was created

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Leo Sofer with his daughter Lara

Leo Sofer with his daughter Lara

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