Stories with a Musical Soundtrack

These stories have all been lovingly crafted over many months. Specially composed music weaves in and out of the story, making the listening experience richer and more engaging. For more about the background to these stories see here.

The Laughing Cat

Once there was a cat who was always laughing! Whatever she saw, whoever she was with, she would laugh and laugh, and no-one knew why. But one day a little girl asked her why and found that the cat had quite a story to tell…
Length: 48:19
For ages: 5+

The Firebird

A Russian Fairy Tale. Once a huntsman was riding through a forest when he saw a golden feather shining on the forest floor. But as he reached down to pick it up, his horse cried out “Master, do not pick up that feather! For if you do, there will be real trouble!” Ignoring his horse’s entreaties, the huntsman reached down and picked up the feather, at which point the trouble started…
Length: 26:37
For ages: 7+

Och, King of the Forest

A Russian Fairy Tale. Once there was a old couple whose son was so lazy that he would not work. So the old man took the boy deep into the forest to find someone who could make a man out of his lazy son. There he meets Och, King of the Forest….
Length: 28:26
For ages: 5+

The Giant Who Had No Heart In His Body

A Norwegian Fairy Tale. Once there was a King who had seven sons, the youngest of which was called “Boots” and who was the King’s favourite. But one day the six older brothers rode out into the world and were turned into stone pillars by a Giant who had no heart in his body. Even though it broke the King’s heart to see him go, Boots rode out to rescue his brothers…
Length: 34:34
For ages: 7+

The Frog Princess

A Russian Fairy Tale.
Once upon a time there was a King who had three sons, and when they had grown to manhood the King gave each of them a golden arrow and told them to go to the topmost tower of his palace and shoot the arrows as far as they could, and wherever the arrows landed, there they should seek their bride.
The arrows of the first two sons landed in the gardens of a princess and a duke’s daughter, but the third son’s arrow landed in a swamp, and a frog picked it up…
Length: 52:10
For ages: 7+

Ash Lad

A Norwegian Fairy Tale. Once there was a woodcutter who had three sons, and when they were grown he said to them that he was done with woodcutting, and it was up to them to go out and chop the wood to keep them all going. But the first two sons took fright and ran away from the troll who lived in the forest. Only the third son, Ash Lad, manages to get the better of the troll and secure the family’s prosperity.
Length: 23:32
For ages: 7+

The True Bride

A German Fairy Tale. Once there was a girl whose stepmother hated her and set her the most impossilbe tasks. But the girl is helped by a fairy godmother who sets her on the path to happiness and fulfillment.
Length: 17:58
For ages: 5+

The Three Apprentices

A German Fairy Tale. Once there was a tailor who had worked hard all his life. He sent his three sons out into the world to learn a trade in the hope that they could come home and keep him in his old age. Each son receives a magical gift, but bringing it back to their father intact is easier said than done!
Length: 27:00
For ages: 7+


A German Fairy tale. Once there was a woman who was pregnant and was so desperate for some of the herbs growing in her neighbour’s garden (some juicy rapunzel) that she begged her husband to go and steal it. But the neighbour was a witch and made a cruel bargain with the man. Once the baby was born, the witch came and took her away…
Length: 13:38
For ages: 7+

The Thief of Bath

A retelling of an English Folk Tale. Once two thieves, a man and a woman, met and got married and had a child. But the child had a mysterious affliction which no-one could cure. After travelling to see the finest doctors in Europe they returned to find that the reason for their troubles lay closer to home that they could ever have guessed.
Length: 27:28
For ages: 5+

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