4 audio stories for kids aged 5+
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Story Box – Transformation

4 stories for children aged 5+ This age is the youngest we’d recommend for these stories; however, older children are likely to enjoy them too!
Total running time: 1 hour and 12 minutes

How can we teach our children that the adventure of life never ends?

Our lives are a journey into a fuller and fuller expression of our divine nature. We are not here to get stuck in our ways, but rather to blossom into everything we can be.

We have the power to choose how we perceive life, and that can change everything.

Even death is not the end, but rather another transformation that our soul experiences on its eternal journey.

The stories in this Story Box address the theme of transformation in several different ways. One of the stories (The Magic Tin) addresses the theme of Death in a gentle way that even a five year old should be able to understand.

The Transformation Story Box includes the following stories:

  • How The Old Lady Changed Everything (Length: 17:05)
  • The Glasses-Maker and the Giant (Length: 22:27)
  • The Handkerchief’s Story (Length: 7:34)
  • The Magic Tin (Length: 22:06)

Listen to a sample from this Story Box:

How The Old Lady Changed Everything…


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