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Streaming access to all the stories in The Palace for a month

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Rent The Palace

Stream the entire Palace of Stories for a month

What if you had access to an abundant source of audio stories that your kids loved and that you felt really good about?

Here’s what you get

Over thirty five hours of listening, over one hundred stories, grouped by age group and theme, including all our Story Boxes available for just £5 per month.

Ahhhh thank you so much Leo.
Many years ago I was fortunate enough to attend a storytelling course in England. Stories are the heart and blood of a family, a home, and a community. Now having children of my own I am blessed to be able to offer that gift to them. BUT being a mamma means I have so much ELSE to do as well.I refuse to have a television babysit my children and there is precious little out there that is of high quality or heartfelt, in the way of stories. So, this is just to say a big THANK YOU to you and your work in the world. It is sacred work to bring stories alive to children in the way you do and we love having you in our home. All the way from your little studio in your garden shed!
Much Gratitude!

Liat Lev Sokal
New South Wales, Australia

The stories are high quality mp3 files that you can stream from the internet to your computer, phone, tablet, ipod.

You can sort the stories according to age range as well as theme, so it’s easy to find stories appropriate for ages 3+, 5+ and 7+, or to find stories on a particular theme that you’d like to share with your child.

“But my child is already seven. Won’t she be too old for most of the stories?”
Even if your child is in the 7+ age bracket, you will very likely find that they also enjoy the stories for ages 5+. Together, those two categories make up 30 hours of listening time. That’s over 85% of what you get when you buy the palace. Who knows, they may even enjoy listening to the 3+ stories a few times too!

Ways to listen

  • While drawing: give your kids some paper and pencils and put the stories on
  • While playing… or resting: play the stories while your kids are playing with their toys…. or when they want a break from doing anything at all
  • At times of transition: after school, returning from a trip, calming down after an argument. Stories can ease such transitions
  • In bed: if you don’t have the juice for telling stories or reading a book, snuggle in with your kids and listen to the story together!
“Dear Leo,
Samantha BurgrabbeI just want you to know how very much we enjoy your stories. We have tons of other stories in our audio library, but my 6-year-old daughter’s first choice is always “Leo”!
I can’t begin to count how many hours she has spent lost in your stories. We have listened to them all so many times that whenever there’s a new one, there’s major excitement around here.
With many thanks”

Samantha Burgrabbe,
California, USA

Here’s how it works

Renting the Palace is easy. Simply buy this product and after purchase you will be returned to the checkout screen and automatically logged in to The Palace of Stories. You will also receive login details via email so that you can log in any time.

Visit the All Stories or Stories with Soundtracks pages when you are logged in and you’ll see a play button below each story

Stories are not downloadable when you Rent the Palace, but you can stream them for a month on any device that’s logged in.

Visit your My Account page to view the progress of your membership, review your purchases or update your contact details. We recommend updating your password straight away.

We will not auto bill you for subsequent months, so if you want to extend your access to the stories beyond one month you will need to ‘Rent the Palace’ again.

If you want to download and keep all the stories forever, Buy the Palace!

Liv Larsson“‘Yippieeo!’ Neo screamed when I just told him of your latest stories. He is listening to your stories again and again – has an old iPod that is filled with them and I’m so grateful – his understanding of English is growing, he hears good stories – everything a mum´s heart needs to relax. So THANK YOU!!!!!”

Liv Larsson

Rent the Palace today!

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