5 audio stories for kids aged 3+
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Story Box – Imagination

5 stories for children aged 3+ This age is the youngest we’d recommend for these stories; however, older children are likely to enjoy them too!
Total running time: 36 minutes

How can we support our children in retaining a strong and vital imagination?

Television, video games and other screens do all the visualising for the viewer. But when children read books or listen to audio stories they are stimulated to create the pictures themselves. This is one of the ways they can grow their inner world.

Our culture tends to devalues what cannot be seen, touched or tasted. But when we encourage our children to value their imagination, we set them up for a strong and healthy inner life.

That matters, because we are not just creatures of this everyday world. We belong to a larger universe and our full potential is only available when we connect to that larger whole. These five little stories all celebrate this inner muscle-flexing. I hope they will both draw your child into their inner world, and encourage them to value what they find there!

This Story Box includes the following stories:

  • A Knock at the Door (Duration: 0:11:08)
  • A Snotty Story (Duration: 0:05:53)
  • A Tractor Tale (Duration: 0:07:23)
  • How the Fire Engine Caught Fire (Duration: 0:03:34)
  • The Pictures That Came to Life (Duration: 0:07:48)

Listen to a sample story from this Story Box:

A Tractor Tale…


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