Finding your Gift


4 audio stories for kids aged 5+
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Story Box – Finding your Gift

4 stories for children aged 5+ This age is the youngest we’d recommend for these stories; however, older children are likely to enjoy them too!
Total running time: 1 hour and 28 minutes

How can we support our children to uncover their soul’s gift?

When they find the work they love to do, they will have found one of the keys to a fulfilling and meaningful life.

There’s a strong current in our culture pulling us towards conformity: above all, we should do what is expected of us. But another current pulls the other way, and that current is Stories.

Stories remind us that we’re capable of more, that the humdrum daily existence is not the only one available to us. The stories in this Story Box sing of the importance of listening to your inner calling and following it, however daunting that may feel.

At many points in your child’s life, they will feel such a call inside, as well as the world’s entreaty to ignore it. These stories, as stories always have done, will remind them of the treasures that lie waiting when the inner call is heeded.

The Finding Your Gift Story Box includes the following stories:

  • Finding the Music (Length: 08:18)
  • Jim and the Colourful Coat (Length: 29:18)
  • The Blessing Witch (Length: 25:58)
  • The Postman and the Piece of Gold (Length: 24:27)

Listen to a sample story from this Story Box:

Jim and the Colourful Coat…


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