Connecting with Nature


4 audio stories for kids aged 5+
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Story Box – Connecting with Nature

4 stories for children aged 5+ This age is the youngest we’d recommend for these stories; however, older children are likely to enjoy them too!
Total running time: 53 minutes

How do we give our children a strong sense of connection to the web of life?

We have all grown up with a cultural story that places humanity above the natural world. Above and apart, with licence to exploit the animals, the fishes, the seas and the earth. We can all see where this is heading.

But we can tell our children new stories, about how we are not here to dominate and abuse nature but to experience a glorious kinship with all life. Each one of us is part of the fabric of creation, surrounded by kin.

The characters in these four stories all go through a shift in perception: from separation to belonging. Listening to these stories will make that same shift more available for your child. Let’s change the cultural story that guides our actions, and those of future generations!

This Story Box includes the following stories:

  • A Message for Kingly Eyes (Duration: 0:13:36)
  • Surrounded by Kin (Duration: 0:15:06)
  • The Hatmaker and the Ant (Duration: 0:23:32)
  • The Witch’s Brew (Duration: 0:29:44)

Listen to a sample from this Story Box:

A Message For Kingly Eyes…


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