3 audio stories for kids aged 7+
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Story Box – Acceptance

3 stories for children aged 7+ This age is the youngest we’d recommend for these stories; however, older children are likely to enjoy them too!
Total running time: 1 hour and 40 minutes

How can we teach our children the importance of Acceptance?

Learning to accept ourselves, even the things which others might judge, is one of the most significant and impactful shifts we can make in our lives.

Learning to accept another person fully, including the things they do which we don’t like, is one of the keys to creating deep and lasting relationships.

Learning to accept the things in life that cannot be changed is an important part of coming to peace with our world.

Acceptance is vital to our happiness. Each time it involves a small surrender. We surrender our judgements, our criticisms, our resistance, and we choose instead a larger truth, a wider love.
The characters in these three stories all model this difficult but essential skill. In place of self-criticism they find self-acceptance. They find that the blessings of relationship outweigh its inconveniences, and they make peace with some of the inevitabilities of life.

This Story Box includes the following stories:

  • Bags of Nothing! (Length: 36:54)
  • The Fearless Soldier (Length: 38:01)
  • The Frog Boy (Length: 25:41)

Listen to a sample story from this Story Box:

The Frog Boy…


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