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Give your children an entire Palace of Stories!

Would you like to give your children an abundance of stories that pass on the values you really care about, and that don’t involve parking them in front of a screen?

You want your children to know the value of love, kindness and respect. You’d like to nurture their imagination and their creativity. You want them to remain open to the wonder and miracle of life, and to grow up believing in themselves and the gifts they carry.

But you know that you are not the only influence upon them. The culture that surrounds you impacts your child in every way, but one key way is stories.

Children are hungry for stories and will absorb them from any source they can: television, movies, video games and more. But the mainstream media convey messages to your child that you can feel deeply uneasy about.

And yet, sometimes you are rushed off your feet with things to do, or simply overwhelmed and needing a break from your kids. But you hate to just sit them in front of a screen…

What if you had an abundant source of audio stories that your kids loved and that you felt really good about?

That’s what you get when you Buy the Palace! Over thirty hours of listening. Over one hundred stories, grouped by age group and theme.

Julia Lally“Just ‘Bought The Palace’ on Leo Sofer’s Palace of Stories website – really beautiful with loads of stories for download. Can’t recommend it highly enough to all parents. And especially for those who – like me – get to the end of the day and have very little left for reading out loud.This should be available far and wide – so many people would soak it up. In a world where we’re always trying to negotiate our children away from violence and addiction (screens, games etc) it’s like a voice of sanity.”

Julia Laly
London, England

The stories come as high quality mp3 files. That’s the same format as most downloadable music and spoken word. They will play on your computer, tablet and phone. You can also burn these files to a CD to play on CD players at home or in your car.

Thirty hours of high quality audio takes up roughly the same amount of space on your hard drive as a single feature length movie. Children love listening to stories again and again, so it’s likely these 100+ stories will be in use for months, or even years, to come.

Zak and his mama“We’ve been listening for several years now to the stories we bought from your site, my son often goes to sleep with them. With many, many repetitions they have become like old friends.I have a feeling of safety leaving him with your stories, knowing that you are supporting the values we want to transmit to him: emphasising the inner life, rather than the consumerism of so much mainstream input.”

Natasha Wilson
Gloucestershire, England.

You’ll receive the stories grouped according to age range as well as theme, so it’s easy to find stories appropriate for ages 3+, 5+ and 7+, or to find stories on a particular theme that you’d like to share with your child.

“But my child is already seven. Won’t she be too old for most of the stories?”
Even if your child is in the 7+ age bracket, you will very likely find that they also enjoy the stories for ages 5+. Together, those two categories make up 25 hours of listening time. That’s over 80% of what you get when you buy the palace. Who knows, they may even enjoy listening to the 3+ stories a few times too!

Ways to listen

  • While drawing: give your kids some paper and pencils and put the stories on
  • While playing… or resting: play the stories while your kids are playing with their toys…. or when they want a break from doing anything at all
  • At times of transition: after school, returning from a trip, calming down after an argument. Stories can ease such transitions
  • In bed: if you don’t have the juice for telling stories or reading a book, snuggle in with your kids and listen to the story together!
  • In the car: audio stories can be a fun way of shortening any journey
“Dear Leo,
Samantha BurgrabbeI just want you to know how very much we enjoy your stories. We have tons of other stories in our audio library, but my 6-year-old daughter’s first choice is always “Leo”!
I can’t begin to count how many hours she has spent lost in your stories. We have listened to them all so many times that whenever there’s a new one, there’s major excitement around here.
With many thanks”

Samantha Burgrabbe,
California, USA

Here’s what you get:

  1. All of our Story Boxes. Story Boxes contain our best stories, grouped by theme and age.
  2. All of our Story Chests. Each Story Chest contains 12 stories on various themes for ages 3+, 5+ and 7+
  3. 31 Bonus Stories. These are stories that will eventually be sorted into Story Boxes. That’s a process that requires some time, so for now these stories are “unboxed” but still of the same high quality as the other stories we offer in our Story Boxes. They are priced here at £1 each.
Liv Larsson“‘Yippieeo!’ Neo screamed when I just told him of your latest stories. He is listening to your stories again and again – has an old iPod that is filled with them and I’m so grateful – his understanding of English is growing, he hears good stories – everything a mum´s heart needs to relax. So THANK YOU!!!!!”

Liv Larsson

What’s included Value
9 Story Boxes – On themes such as Imagination, Connecting to Nature, Inner Strength and more Several Story Boxes £35.55
3 Story Chests – Containing a dozen stories for each age group 3 Story Chests £29.85
31 Bonus Stories – On themes such as Creativity, Kindness and Integrity Bonus Kids Short Stories £31.00
Total: £96.40
Approx: USD $73.50
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